From 2 - 350 tons, if lift, pull or free-fall winch - no burden is too heavy for Siebenhaar winches!

Siebenhaar winches provide fully customized solutions for almost any application. From mobile to offshore and marine cranes – our winches have been making worldwide success for decades.


  • appropriate and efficient design principles
  • flexible designs and versatile building options
  • Siebenhaar quality winch gearing integrated
  • high tensile speeds and capacities and low rope wear

Description of design

The Siebenhaar winches are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. Our high level vertical integration guarantees high quality and well-coordinated assemblies made by one of the most experienced winch manufacturers.

Depending on the application, either one or two compact Siebenhaar integrated winch gears can be used inside the cable drum. For carrying persons or following other safety-related requirements, our winches can be optionally equipped with cable drum-mounted disc brakes, spring-loaded multi-disc or band brakes. Following customer requirements, drive side-mounted bevel gear, spur precursors and hydraulically or electrically actuated holding brakes can be added.

Siebenhaar cable drums can be made in cast or welded design without grooving, or with normal or special grooving for up to 10 layers of rope.

Depending on the application, our winches can be fitted roller, slack rope detection, rope-end shutdown, cable winder and much more.

With their tractive force of up to 200 tons our free-fall winches with internal or drum-integrated brake are probably both the largest and also the most compact in the world.

Technical specifications

  • Cables from 2 to 350 tons
  • Rope diameter 6 - 80 mm
  • Maximum dynamic drive torque: TII = 5,000 Nm - 5,000,000 Nm
  • • Maximum static drive torque: TIII = 7,000 Nm - 7,500,000 Nm
  • • Transmission ratios from i = 18 to i = 6,800

Depending on their specific application purposes, all our designs are tailored in detail to the specifications and requirements of our customers.