Siebenhaar hoisting and slewing gears are characterised by their high performance and compact design.

Their design is based on more than 50 years of experience in the construction of planetary gears for a variety of applications.


  • high gear ratio with a relatively small external diameter
  • highly economic modular system
  • flexible design
  • long lifetime with easy maintenance
  • quick and easy installation in the unit
  • silent operation
  • high compatibility with Siebenhaar components
  • • hardened and ground pinion on request

Description of design

The Siebenhaar hoisting and slewing gears are made up of modules from a proven modular system. The planet transmission kits are used in integrated winch and industrial gears and can therefore be produced very economically.

The Siebenhaar hoisting and slewing gears can be used in different versions for different application cases. In addition to the installation dimensions and transmission ratios, the flange and headstock designs are particularly variable. Depending on the installing situation both hoisting and slewing gears can be produced with short or long headstock.

Depending on the customer requirements, many other accessories are available, such as a gear head, torque measuring arms, brakes and clutches.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum dynamic drive torque: TII = 3,000 Nm - 600,000 Nm
  • Maximum static drive torque: TIII = 4,500 Nm - 1,000,000 Nm
  • Transmission ratios from i = 18 to i = 4,000
  • Pinion and pinion shafts up to module 50